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Make content. Have your own site. Be an industry expert.

Fine, here we are then. If the stack of “listicles” sprawled across my office have told me anything, it’s that I’ve got to have my own presence. But what does that mean, to have a presence on the web? Is my sometimes updated Twitter account not enough? What about the Facebook account that I hate because it’s impossible to avoid the political “discussion” my friends and neighbors are having. You know exactly why I put that in quotations.

What about my LinkedIn profile where I repost articles that I think other business savvy folk might see and think that I know a lot about the current state of the industry. What industry exactly? I don’t know. That’s not apathy speaking, that’s my reality, which happens to revolve around tech, IoT, customer service, sales, PR, marketing, start-ups, and a myriad of other related fields.

Buffer has gone a long way toward making it appear like I am much more active online, and if you’re interested in curating content into appearing like you are active online at all hours of the day and night then I highly recommend their service. They’ve also got a pretty cool culture of transparency.

No, none of these things will suffice now. It’s time to stop being a walking content aggregator and to become a walking content creator. I deleted a string of abandoned drafts before committing to this post. That seems a bit ridiculous, even to me, but as someone who loves to generate content this has been one of the most difficult experiences I’ve had with putting words on a screen. It probably reads that way as well.

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