It’s Time

I’ve had this idea in my head, for a long time now but I can’t think of when it really began, that if I was just given the opportunity to be put in front of a product that was definitely going to “happen” and that there were no real restrictions on what I could or could not do to make that product successful that it would be all I needed. I wouldn’t need more education to prove myself worthy, I wouldn’t need more experience, I wouldn’t need more validation from other people, because all I would need was that one opportunity. 

That opportunity is here. It’s been here for a couple of months, but I just wasn’t looking at it correctly. 

From Seth’s Blog:

The next one or the last one?

This thing you’re making…

This day you’re spending at work…

This interaction you’re having…

Is it merely the next one in a long string of next ones, good enough to get you through?

Or is it special enough to be the last one? The one you’re remembered by…

Click Here for Seth’s Original Post 

The opportunity is in front of me right now. Maybe your opportunity is already in front of you, but like me you’re too used to waiting on some fictional event or opportunity in the future to see it. Don’t be blinded by your own dreams so much that you forget to succeed when the opportunity was right.

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